Wedding Photography & Videography 

A wedding photography and videography package like no other

Bayley & I have worked together for years, we have learned together, made long-lasting business relationships together, filmed and photographed many weddings together. We offer a convenient, practical & high-quality Photography & Videography Package together. We pride our quality photo/video package on great communication, easy-to-work with attitude, friendly service and a fresh perspective.


We bounce ideas off each other, we make your day as special as possible, work with the same mindset and ensure your day runs smoothly. We go above and beyond for our wedding customers. 

We also offer corporate/commercial packages in Photography & Videography. 

Callum Smith

I love working as a wedding photographer, being able to capture the magic of a very special day, meeting amazing people, making those moments last forever and walking away with new friends.

I treat you like friends, other vendors like teammates and focus on creating authentic and raw moments of your day. I am calm, easy to work with and supportive of you making your wedding the best day of your life! 

We understand the big responsibility we have on your special day, we take great pride in having such a great role and appreciate the trust you put in us. 


bayley Simonds

Capturing your wedding day is incredibly special to me, and I am blessed to be able to capture and record such a special moment in your lives. If you’re like us, then you believe that to truly live is to love deeper, hug just a little bit tighter and to choose another over ourselves. That's living! The memories and experiences that we’ve shared and witnessed with our couples and wedding guests over the years has shaped the human being I’ve become and what it truly means to live. Or simply perhaps its the love for our passion and creativity.

What I do know is that love is boundless it has no end, love is everything! And the moments we create on camera with our couples are forever kept in our films for you to treasure for your lifetime. 



We work together. 

We meet & plan together.

We build a friendship with you, together.

Reviews on Bayley & Callum 

"Hey Callum, we just wanted to say such a massive Thankyou for being apart of our wedding. You guys made it so easy and comfortable on the day and everyone loved you guys" Shanice & Jeremy 


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